Отзыв пассажира Oksana о компании Аэросвит

Hamburg-Kiev09 / 04 / 2011,
Сервис и комфорт
Работа бортпроводников
Задержка вылета

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I have bougt an online ticket. Honestly I have never expected to get such a negative experience with your company. The confirmation and ticket is received. THANK YOU.
In the same time I have discovered that you took a payment for 2 tickets
I have contacted your company in Kiev by phone and was asked to send email to online@aerosvit.com. I did it on 24/04 and got the written confirmation that the letter was delivered. Normally the company sends their apologizes and necessary amount back to the payer.
After some days I have not received any answer and contacted Aerosvit by phone. Aerosvit promised to follow up on that but again – northing happened. Later I have again contacted Aerosvit and again – northing happened. I think I have totally called 6 times to Aerosvit Kiev and used 15 min every time to explain the situation to every new girl in telephone. I was asked to write again, call again and so on. Totally I have used 6x min. 15 min = min. 90 min = min. 1,5 hour to call Aerosvit.Aerosvit has never called me back. I tried to ask the name and surname of the “Phone girl” or responsible person, but the answer was “We are not allowed to say it”. After some time i got some money back (less than i had to be), but 1 week later THEY have again taken money from my visa card. It is unbelivible. I got angry and wanted to cry. I have to start from the begining.

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